Works In Progress vol. 22

This album is part of the CMAS Recordings Archive. Sometimes the pieces are radio ready, sometimes they are capturing a moment in the process. More importantly, everything in the archive was created by CMAS students. Everything. For every single piece, be it live or in studio, there was a student or students composing it, students preparing/practicing the performance, students selecting and setting up all the gear, students running every single cable, in some cases even designing the room and/or stage setup, students running the recording sessions and live events sound, students mixing, hopefully students writing liner notes, and so on. It’s a lot to do at any age, let alone as teenagers. A lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of care. Continually being added to, this archive is a reflection of the students over the years and their work and their Creative processes. The archive is a moment in time. And it’s only a small sample of what goes on in CMAS. It’s an honor to be part of it all.

-Richard Maxwell
CMAS program Creator

Worth The Wait

Written and Performed by Christian Bachman, Jeremy Lee

If Everything Is Lost

Written and Performed by Austin Suttill

Piano Sketch No 87

Written and Performed by Collin Martin


Written and Performed by Roman Madrigal


Written and Performed by Helena Dorris


Written and Performed by Sequoia Slofer


Written and Performed by Angel Leon